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The best items and the greatest deals go fast.The more you participate, the earlier you can get in and grab the things you want most. Bring your family and friends to help you accumulate team hours. The more shifts you work the early you can enter! Also, receive an increased % on your totals sales by participating*.
We have several pre-sales but the team member pre-sale IS ALWAYS FIRST.  We reward our members with the opportunity to get the BEST STUFF before anyone else!!!!

Who can join? Anyone, you do not need to be a consignor in order to become a member. If you want to shop early but are not signed up to consign, no problem.

Our shifts are broken down into 4 hour increments. They begin on set up day and run through tear down day. You must arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift so that we can give you your assignment and instructions and answer any questions that you may have.


Shifts Worked

Extra Money
Earned on Sells
4 Shifts

earn 10% (on you first $1000 sold)

3 Shifts earn 8% (on you first $1000 sold)
2 Shifts earn 5% (on you first $1000 sold)









We have a volunteer opportunity where you can bring snacks. Each sign up counts as one volunteer shift. See shopping schedule below. Hurry and sign up before they are gone. Only a limited slots are available.

(Shop early opportunity only- not eligible for increased % on consignment.)

Click below to sign up!





Click here for the Team member pre-sale date. 

Pre-sale shopping 

1 shift   = 5:30 shopping
2 shifts = 5:00 shopping
3 shifts = 4:30 shopping
4 shifts = 4:00 shopping
Each snack that you sign up for counts as one shift for early shopping only.
Email Stacie at with any questions.



. Shop before the public

. The more you participate the earlier you get in to shop

. Team members can  receive a 10% bonus on their total sales
. Experience what goes on behind the scenes


Below are some suggestions to help make your experience successful and rewarding:
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. 
  • Bring a drink and please eat before you arrive.
  • Please do not bring children as you will be busy and unable to attend to them.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a shift please contact us promptly at If we do not hear from you or you can not make up your shift, your early shopping experience will be lost. We depend on you to make our sale successful.
  • If you are not a consignor, you may sign up so that you can participate in the pre-sale day. If your shifts occur after pre-sale and you do not show for your shift, you will not be allowed to sign up in the future. We depend on our team members to help the sale process run smoothly.
You can not sign up for a shift during your drop of time. We need your help on the floor and you will not have time available to stop working to check your items in. It is important that you sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave. This is how we track your shifts so that you can earn your member privileges. Working hours are not transferable from one event to another.
Team Member Responsibilities include but are not limited to: helping check-in items at drop-off, bagging items during check-out, helping to set-up racks & tables and tear them down, helping customers find items they need, keeping items picked up and put in the proper place, helping to organize everything before we open and after we close, checking strollers at the entrance & exit doors, sorting items at the end of the sale and preparing donations.
If you have any questions about becoming a team member or have unique circumstances please contact us at

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