*****Fall/Winter events (Sept-Oct)*****

The below guidelines apply plus:

Acceptable items:

  • Long sleeve tops
  • Dark colored capris
  • Boots
  • Coats/Snow bibs
  • Halloween/Christmas/Holiday attire
  • Winter items

Unacceptable items:

  • No sandals, tank tops, swimsuits or summer clothing
  • Opened games and card board puzzles. (must be new in box)
  • stuffed animals, including: Build-a-Bear animals and accessories, Fisher Price and V-Tech dogs and Fur-real pets. Only movie characters accepted (such as Disney).
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Train tables
  • Boxed craft sets
  • Open games and cardboard puzzles
  • adult decor, furniture, purses, totes

Limits (per consignor):

     12 books

     8 short sleeve tops

     3 Halloween Costumes (tasteful and child appropriate)

     10 items in size 8

     10 items in size 10

     10 items in size 12 

     10 items in size 14





All Season Acceptable Items

  • Season specific clothing size preemie to 18 big kid  ****Please take your items out in the sunlight and check for stains. If you are selling any items under an 18 months, please look hard for yellow formula stains around the neck. Also, if you are selling white shirts, check the sleeves and the elbows****
  • Jeans and capris
  • Short sleeve onesies/undershirts 
  • Dance wear
  • Children’s Equipment – cribs, strollers, high chairs, bassinets, toddler beds, bath tubs, bed rails, safety gates, furniture, potty chairs, pack n play, swings, bouncy seats, bumbo seats with strap, exersaucers, crib mattresses, rocking chairs, changing tables, etc. Please make sure your items are clean and have batteries included (if they are battery operated).
  • Children’s furniture
  • Safety latches, monitors, and gates
  • Clean bottles WITHOUT the nipples
  • Clean/non-stained bibs
  • All shoes must be clean and in new or like new condition. No dirty badly worn shoes will not be accepted. Shoes must be big kid size 6 or under.
  • Toys - batteries must be included (if needed) and toys must be in good working condition. They must have all their pieces.
  • Outside plays toys, push toys, bikes, power wheels, scooters, sand boxes, playhouses, toy boxes, etc. (clean & good condition)
  • Car Seats (unexpired, never in an accident). Please clean them before bringing.
  • Books: limit 12 per consignor– children’s only (no adult books)
  • Unopened new games
  • Puzzles (only wooden and/or new unopened cardboard puzzles)  
  • Blocks, legos, mega blocks
  • Children's Purses
  • Framed Pictures (no more than 5 years old)(Charleston only) 
  • Household decorations (Charleston only) 
  • Small appliances (crock pots, blenders, toasters, microwaves-less than 5 years old) (Charleston only) 
  • All items must be assembled and in working order, no items in boxes
Unacceptable Items
  • Junior or adult clothing 
  • Maternity wear
  • School or team t-shirts (College teams accepted)
  • Vacation t-shirts
  • Formal wear of any size (no pageant dresses) 
  • School Uniforms
  • Clothing items with advertisements
  • PJs sets without their bottoms
  • Dance costumes (leotards are accepted)
  • Shoes that are dirty or have visibly worn areas on the toes or sides
  • Shoes larger than a size 6 big kid for girls and a size 8 big kid for boys
  • Hair bows unless attached to outfits or new in package
  • Hair curlers, flat irons, hair dryers, etc.
  • Car seat covers and head supports (car seat canopies are accepted)
  • Breast pumps or accessories/parts 
  • Parts to specific brand/style strollers, high chairs, car seats, etc...
  • No crib or children's comforter sets in bags. All must be hung. Use zip ties and large pins to attach items together. It may be helpful to use more than one hanger and zip tie them together. All bedding set must be priced less than $40. Expensive bedding sets do not sell well.
  • All bed skirt, pillow shams, etc. must be sold with sets/matching items. No individual unmatched pieces.
  • No crib bumper pads unless they are mesh.
  • Baby cribs with drop down sides or manufactured before June 28, 2011.
  • Car seats that have been in a wreck, recalled, have missing parts or expired (google expiration date for your specific car seat)
  • Video games without their cases or more than 5 years old
  • DVDs or music CDs
  • Adult sporting equipment (ex. weights, treadmills, ab loungers, etc.) 
  • Adult books including cookbooks, parenting and pregnancy
  • Cell phone and tablet cases or accessories
  • Out of date electronics and accessories
  • Women’s or men’s clothing or shoes 
  • Clothing that smells bad, torn, stained, faded or peels. Please no clothing with smoke or pet smells.
  • Out of date styles of clothing or shoes. Please no items more than 5 years old.  
  • Battery-operated toys without the batteries
  • Stuffed animals (including build-a-bear and their accessories)
  • Train tables
  • Fisher Price or V-tech stuffed dogs
  • Interactive activity desks with stools
  • FP bright beats learning dance mat
  • piano mats
  • Porcelain dolls
  • Plastic play sets without accessories
  • Unclothed Barbies or dolls (must be clothed)
  • Smart Cycles
  • Grab bags of fast food toys
  • Underwear or bras (unless it’s new and in the original packaging)
  • Children or Adult jewelry
  • Roller Blades or ice skates
  • Party and gender reveal supplies (invitations, decorations, etc)
  • Home school curriculum
  • Baby formula
  • Used pacifiers, nipples or feeding nets
  • Items from the Dollar Tree or similar store
  • Nursing Bras
  • Adult household furniture
  • Desks (unless children's play desk)
  • Curtains, curtain rods, blinds, any window treatments
  • Shower curtains
  • Adult bedding
  • Floral arrangements
  • CD towers
  • mug or individual glasses (must be a set)
  • Photo frames unless decorative children themed
  • Place mats, tablecloths, table runners
  • Figurines
  • Wooden, plastic or "letters" made of other materials
  • Personalized items with names on them such as purses, backpacks, clothing, decor, etc..
  • Vinyl wall stickers
  • Pet care items
  • Computers, printers or related equipment
  • Cameras or related equipment 
  • Telephones or answering machines (unless they are children’s)
  • Partially burned candles
  • Dishes that are not a complete set
  • DVD or VHS players
  • CRT televisions
  • Any items in boxes, all items must be assembled and in working order
  • No more than 3 of the same item that is NWT (no bulk items)
  • No pallet or store buy out items
*****Spring/Summer events (March-May)*****
The above guidelines apply plus:
  • Short sleeve and tank tops
  • shorts
  • swimsuits
  • sandals and flip flops
  • lightweight jackets only (no fleece jackets or coats)
  • lightweight long sleeve tops with spring designs only (such as a watering can, umbrellas, beach prints, sunshine, etc. )
  • Girls button up white or pastel sweaters are accepted
  • Long sleeve boys button up white or pastel dress shirts are accepted
  • no long sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters or fleece
  • light weight long sleeve PJs (no fleece)
  • no winter boots
  • rain jackets and rain boots
  • cowboy boots
  • life jackets and puddle jumpers
  • pool toys (if inflatable they must be blown up)


*****August Sale*****

The below guidelines apply plus:

  • short and long sleeve tops (no summer prints or designs)
  • camis that go under sweaters or jackets, no other sleeveless tops
  • pants and capris (jeans, khakis, etc..)
  • Sweatshirts and fleece
  • boots
  • no flip flops or sandals
  • mittens, hats and scarves
  • jackets and coats
  • snow suits
  • no bathing suits or swimming trunks
  • fall decor
  • no Christmas decor 
  • children's Halloween Costumes (Tasteful and child appropriate)


*****Fall/Winter events (Sept-Nov)*****
The above guidelines apply plus:
  • Long sleeve tops
  • Dark colored capris
  • Limited of 5 short sleeve items
  • Boots
  • No sandals, tank tops, swimsuits or summer clothing
  • Fall and Christmas decor
  • Christmas/Holiday attire
Help us keep our children safe. Click here to find out if your items have been recalled. To comply with the new CPSIA Law, no item may be consigned that is on a recall list or is not compliant with the new lead standards. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check the list of recalled items and current lead standards. Take the safety pledge below.  Thanks everyone!  


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