We will be transitioning to ONLY one software system beginning Jan. 1st 2022. This will eliminate having to transfer items between Hurricane and Charleston events in the future. All inventory will be in one place always.

As we transition to this in 2022, all items that have been in the Hurricane software last year WILL NEED to be transferred to the new software. (All Charleston inventory will already be in the new system.)


You only need to transfer items now if you had items in our Hurricane sale software prior to Jan. 2022.


Link to the the NEW SOFTWARE




1. You must have the same consignor number at each sale.

2. Please note that when we open registrations for a new season of sales, any inventory in the computer is transferred to inactive inventory. To get it out and ready to transfer, log into the sale that you last attended. Click on “Work with consigned inventory”, “Work with inactive inventory” and do the following:

  • delete any sold/donated items from past sales
  • delete any other unsold items that you know you won’t be bringing to future sales
  • activate any items that you will be bringing to your upcoming sale.

If you need to transfer your inventory, please do so before you begin tagging new items so you won’t have to retag them!

3. Before you transfer your inventory to a new sale, you need to verify that there is no active or inactive inventory in your account at that sale. To check, log into your consignor account of the sale you are transferring to, go to “work with consigned inventory”, “work with my consigned inventory (active inventory)” and make sure it is empty (no items). Then, click “I’m finished for now” and it will take you to the previous menu. Then click on “work with inactive inventory”. Make sure it is empty as well.

4. Log into the sale where your inventory is (whichever sale you participated in last). Go to “Work with consigned inventory”. Then, click on “Move inventory out”. Choose the sale that you’d like to transfer to. Enter your consignor number and password. Check the boxes of the items you’d like to transfer (or click on “check/uncheck all items”). Are you sure you want to transfer? Click “Yes”. You will receive a batch id number. Select “Continue”.

5. Then, log into the sale you are transferring inventory to. Go to “Work with consigned inventory”, “receive inventory in”, click the box “receive”, then “receive selected batch”. You will see a message that the process cannot be undone. Click “ok”.

You’re ready to begin tagging!
Important reminder. Please re-evaluated your pricing on items that did not sell.  We have thousands of shoppers coming through the doors to look at your items. Ask yourself, why didn't my item sale? Would I purchase this item? Is the price appealing?


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