No time to consign?
We’re here to make your life easier – merely clear out your closets, playrooms, attics and garages and earn some money. 

We will register you as a consignor and tag your items with a consignment number specific to you. We will hang, pin, bag (if necessary), tag and price your items for you. We price items at 25-35% of the estimated original retail price. The condition and brand name of an item raises or lowers this figure. All supplies are provided as part of the tagging service with the exception of hangers and batteries. You can provide them or we can get them for you. ($2 per 10 hangers and batteries 2/$1.50.) We will take care of delivery to and placement of your items at the sale.

There is no up-front payment to use our tagging service! All service fees are taken out of your consignment sale final proceeds. You must consign at least 50 items to participate. While there is no maximum number of items you can consign, we do ask for an estimate of the total number of items (or bags of items!) when you call to sign up.We recommend that you contact us 3-4 weeks in advance as space fills up very quickly.

You can follow your sales online as they are sold. You will receive 50% profit (minus the $15 consignment participation fee and any fees for hangers or batteries not sent.) on your sold items. You can pick up your check on pick up day at the venue.

How to Get Started:

1. Read over the acceptable items list

2. Gather your items

  • We’re looking for client items that are in Excellent Used Condition. When sorting through your stash, ask yourself honestly, “Would I buy this, in the condition that it’s in?” If the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” then send it our way.
  • Items must be season appropriate (spring and summer clothes for spring sales, fall and winter clothes for fall sales) and all clothing/bedding should be freshly laundered and neatly folded.
  • Check carefully for stains – especially on cuffs, necklines and fronts of items, for tiny holes, missing buttons and non-functional zippers. Pants should not be worn at the knees.
  • Clothing items must be fully snapped, buttoned and zipped up, and right-side out, please.
  • Baby gear must be clean, wiped down and ready to be tagged. Items must have all parts to be considered for sale.
  • All items requiring batteries must arrive with fresh batteries installed and be in excellent working condition. If batteries are not supplied for your items, there will be a $1 fee per battery for replacement batteries installed.
  • Shoes must be extremely clean – especially their soles, with minimal wear.
  • It is very important that you follow theses instructions because only acceptable items will make it into the sale. All unacceptable items brought will be donated. If you have questions regarding an item, feel free to ask.

3. Pop your items into large garbage bags (either 13 gallon or 33 gallon size), clearly write your name on a piece of masking tape and affix it to the garbage bag. Note: Shoes should be bagged separately. Large items do not have to be bagged (unless they contain small pieces), just labeled with your name on masking tape.

Picking Up Your Items:

After you have gathered your items, email us and we will coordinate a time for you to drop-off your items to us at a central location. Items must be dropped off at least 2 weeks prior to the sale date. Although you have up to 2 weeks to drop off your items please do not wait to contact us as space is limited. We have six tagging assistance but space fills up very quickly. 

All oversized items that won’t fit into a mid-size SUV, such as furniture and outdoor toys like slides, climbers, etc. must be delivered by you to the sale site. We will have a representative meet you there during drop-off and will price and tag them for you at that time.

Eager to Shop the Pre-sale?

As a consignor, you will be able to shop the private consignor’s pre-sale. Your sale pass will be available on any drop off day. Just stop by the sale and pick it up from us while we’re putting out your items. Easy!

Unsold Items:

You may pick up your unsold items from the sale at the designated pick up time or you may choose to have them donated. Just let us know in advance and we will tag them appropriately or have them ready for you.

**Unfortunately, we have been receiving loads of items that are not the appropriate season, dirty, stained or torn. Due to the time lost sorting, we have had to implement a policy to address these concerns. We know that most of you have the best intentions and sometimes may miss a stain or hole. We are able to allow you 15 grace items. After 15 items, we will charge a 25 cent per item fee for inappropriate items that we receive.  Also, all appropriate items given to us will be tagged. All inappropriate items will be donated.  Click here to review the items that we accept. We apologize for having to implement this policy but due to the nature of the service, we find that it has become necessary.**


Email or call (304) 633-9706 for more information or to register to participate


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