*How do I tag my items?

We, at WV Kids want to keep your item preparation as simple as possible.

The following guidelines are to help, you as a consignor, make the most money and get the biggest return on your efforts. The purpose of these instructions and suggestions are to help make the process run smoothly for everyone. We want you to enjoy your consigning experience.

Before you get started preparing your items, make sure that you have registered for the Charleston or Hurricane event by clicking here. WV Kids offers an easy-to-use online barcode tagging system. Once you have registered, continue following the prompts to start entering your items into the software. When you are finished, click print. Tags will print that are unique to each of your items. The tag will include a bar code that will be scanned at check out. Attach the tag as described below. That's it! Simple huh?

Consign for a Cause: We offer special pre-sale shopping for every consignor that marks their items discount and donate. If you decide to donate your leftover items, you get to shop an hour before the normal consignor pre-sale.

To get started you will need is the following items:

  •  White Printer Paper or Cardstock
  •  Scissors
  •  Medium/Large Safety Pins
  •  Packaging and Masking Tape
  •  Ziploc Bags (multiple sizes to fit your needs)
  •  Hangers
  •  Rubber Bands
  •  Zip Ties 


To learn how to prepare your items, please click below:






Please refer to the drop off and pick up instructions. We highly recommend that you schedule a drop off date and time.  Items will only be accepted during designate times and drop off can get busy. Have all your items ready to be distributed when you arrive. Sorting items by type, size and gender prior to arriving will speed distribution.  Have all items tagged and ready to go. Please allow plenty of time for drop off. Check in at the front table and we will be with you promptly.  Please do not wait until the last minute to drop off your items as this is the busiest time and your items may not be ready for the pre-sale.  A volunteer will check your items and approve them for distribution. 
Items must be tagged and ready to go out on the floor when you arrive. Please do not bring your items into the center to prepare them. Preparation of your items must be completed at home. This helps drop off run smoothly and quickly for everyone.

All consigners are eligible for the pre-sale. This special sale is offered the day before the sale is open to the public.  When you drop off your items, you will receive pre-sale passes for yourself and one friend. This pass will tell you the time when you can arrive for the pre-sale shopping. The schedule for pre-sale shopping is based on your participation in the sale. If you would like to shop even earlier, sign up to volunteer. Click here to learn more.  I strongly encourage you to consider the benefits of volunteering!  


Due to the overwhelming number of consignors, we are going to begin scheduling pick up appointments.  You can sign up for a pick up time that is convenient for you. A sign up sheet will be available at check in. You do not have to have a scheduled pick up time in order to drop in to pick up your unsold items but those with appointments will be served first. It is important to have an organized pick up schedule so that everyone gets back all their items. If you are unable to pick them up, please designate someone who can.  You will need to authorize someone to pick up the items before they can be released. There will be an area designated for items that have lost their tags during the sale or have been pulled for any reason. Please check this area for any unsold items before you leave the building. Any items not picked up at the end of the designated pick up time will be donated.  No exceptions.  There will be a $50 disposal fee on large items (couches, chairs, tables, etc) if the item does not sale and you do not return to pick it up.

We have grown and currently have hundreds of consignors. We offer lots of promotions so each consignor check must be individually adjusted.  It takes time to get everyone's checks prepared accurately. We hope to have checks ready when you pick up your unsold items. If you do not pick up your check, we will automatically mail them to you within 5 business days. We thank you for your patience.

WV Kids Consignment will not be held responsible for damage or loss due to theft or unforeseen circumstances but will  take every precaution to keep your items safe.


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